Farm Fresh Eggs

It’s no secret that I want chickens. I want chickens so I can have farm fresh eggs every day.

eggs 1

Have you ever seen farm fresh eggs? They have the orangeyest yolks. (yeah, I like to make up my own words). They also come in all different sizes and colors…

eggs 2

So what’s the next best thing if you can’t have chickens of your own?

eggs 3

Having neighbors that share their farm fresh eggs from their chickens with you!

eggs 4

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6 Responses to Farm Fresh Eggs

  1. TexWisGirl says:

    several of your photos wouldn’t load, but i got the idea.🙂

  2. HA! ughhhhhh I’ll fix them. Thanks

  3. Anonymous says:

    Totally agree….farm fresh is the best!

  4. Victoria says:

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  5. brigid223 says:

    They are such a treat. A colleague gives me a few once in a while and we really savor them. May you have a safe and happy New Year.

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