The Butcher Table

This is our kitchen table. This was Rambob’s grandparents butcher table. Most of the furniture in our house either belonged to my family or his… and we both love the fact that each piece tells its own story

This table was found in an old barn on Rambob’s family farm. It was covered with old tools and rags…some paint cans and mouse poop when he stumbled across it. He didn’t have much that belonged to his grandparents so he snagged it up.

Rambob cleaned the junk off and brought the table home. Into the garage it went to sit for awhile until he could decide what he wanted to do with it. He made the decision to refinish it and use it for our kitchen table. So, he sanded off the old finish and applied new. It was still pretty sturdy so not much bracing needed to be done.  Now, Rambob didn’t refinish it to the extent that Trey  would have because Rambob wanted to leave some “extra” character to it.  See here…. those notches all along the edge of the table? 

These were made by butchering knives. Yup. Rambob’s grandparents, them being farmers and all, raised cattle, chickens and pigs, then butchered the meat themselves… and used this table for all the processing. And when they were done using a knife…. Whack! Into the edge of the table it went. I guess it was a good way to keep track of your knives…

We  mainly use this table to eat all our meals at but there are times when it gets used again as a butcher table. I did some meat processing the past weekend at this very same table. I made 30 pounds of pork sausage, prepped and froze 12 salmon fillets, and made 10 pounds of burger. No, I didn’t whack knives into the edge of the table and no I didn’t hand grind my meat…my KitchenAide mixer, with its meat grinder attachment, did most of the work!  I did pause a couple times during the day to wonder….

Just what would grandpa and grandma think about this new fangled way of processing meat at their butchering table?

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5 Responses to The Butcher Table

  1. kim says:

    That is an awesome table and I would have refinished it exactly the same way Rob did. What an amazing piece of history. The knife marks are fab!

  2. Mel Peters says:

    Have been invited to this table many times for dinner, canning, and most importantly, great company. This table is just one small testiment to the heart and history these two great people bring together under one roof.

  3. I think they would be very proud to see that table well used and cherished. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. TexWisGirl says:

    my parents’ kitchen table was one of those extend-o-versions with a bazillion boards that could be added to stretch the thing to oblivion (2 parents, 8 kids, you get the idea…) anyway, lots of times it was used for butchering and processing, with the old hand-run meat grinder clamped to the side.

    sure hope one of my siblings kept that old table…

  5. ellebee01 says:

    I hope so too! I love family heritage like that

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